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THE NEW REVELATION is a body of works containing the writings of two men from the XIX-th Century: Austrian Jakob Lorber and German Gottfried Mayerhofer. Not knowing each other personally, these two men presented themselves as “humble scribes of the Lord”, affirming that all their writings were the fruit of receiving a mysterious inner Word, an interior dictation coming directly from JESUS CHRIST, that only they could hear. However, the result of their work is an incredible amount of pages
(approx. 10000 to Lorber and another few thousands to Mayerhofer), grouped in books which present a vast picture of the spiritual and material world and creation, the life of Christ on earth (“The Great Gospel of John”, 11 volumes in German and “The Childhood of Jesus”), the most important spiritual facts from the history of the first men, the life in the beyond, etc.

There are many proofs for the authenticity of the New Revelation considering the way it was conceived (manuscripts are available at the Lorber Verlag Publishing House in Germany), the logic and perfect consistence of all books, the historical data and the amazing accomplished predictions… so there are many things that can charm and convince an open and rational mind. Indeed, it is easy to discover that these extraordinary teachings far surpasses everything that philosophy or religion or even science proposed as an answer to the greatest questions of human existence; part of them are translated in many languages and part can be found free on the Internet. In them we can find spiritual explanations and interpretations that confirm and complete the most important parts of the Old and New Testament and also incredible prophecies and scientific predictions.
Still, I definitely believe that the real core of these texts, which is the purest and greatest love only a true loving heart can recognize and validate… and I have the greatest hopes that any heart already touched by the divine spirit will be able to embrace it immediately.

Our days, although many other minor mystics revelations are treated with a lot of respect and attention in the theological world, although we live in a time when all kind of “shocking” archaeological discoveries or fictional literature which seem to unravel the deepest mysteries of Christianity are quickly popularized and acclaimed… the New Revelation still lies, after almost 150 years, totally unrecognized by all earthly institution and authorities as something worthy to be studied and understood. The reason for this is, probably, the defensive reaction of men representing present religious institutions, whose representative role is denied by these writings numerous affirmations that God’s needs no intermediary between Him and any human being and that only a heart full of love for God and neighbor can be a right temple for Him. Just reading the New Revelation, one can directly and clearly understand the human nature, its liberty, the influence of sin on it, and so, can obtain not only a true perspective of the historical development of mankind’s evolution, but also a correct representation of the things that God expect us to do for ourselves and, most of all, for our brothers in need.
We are living in a time when, for very great reasons, signs of the Lord’s presence appear everywhere, but we can also notice the immense number of false prophets and scholars, many of them inside Christianity, who menace to give a dangerous turn to Christian faith. Doomsday preachers or dogmatic evangelist with fearful representations about hell, can inspire many bad feelings and attitudes, that could easily replace or block the genuine trust and love for God and people. One false idea in a bucket of truths can easily alter them all. The fruits of the false prophets’ activity are indeed visible in our world: we see people pushed to fight with the weapons of politics and war to establish the so-called “order of God”, we see people preoccupied by their own salvation, neglecting or even damning suffering souls, accepting to easily a supposed eternal sentence of hell for millions, accepting the destruction of our planet because of the promise of their escape at the return of the Lord. We see people in the so-called Christian part of the world, whose religious concepts turned their hearts into stones, worshiping incessantly in conventions, traditions, rituals, deformed images of God and His order and, behind them, secretly, their own fatally inflated ego’s. Few people, based on the valuable Bible teachings, reach for some of the most essential truths of God's order and really fight for their spreading. But, as I see things, their backup of theological and scientific knowledge, still needs God's true teaching.
According to the New Revelation, the valuable Bible is still sealed with 7 seals, but, by contrast, these direct teachings are given for anybody who wants to have an undeniable, comprehensive and large knowledge about God, creation and man. They also confirm validated historical facts, documented Near Death Experiences, testimonies of great mystics as saint Birgitta, Emmanuel Swedenborg or Saddhu Sundar Singh, etc.
The seeker of truth should try reading The Great Gospel of John through Jakob Lorber or The secrets of life and “The Lord’s Sermons” through Gottfried Mayerhofer or some synthesis as “Fundamental Principles of Life” by Walter Lutz and "The Prophet Jakob Lorber predicts coming catastrophes and the true Christianity by Kurt Eggelstein.

It seems to me that now is the time to learn about God’s love from anybody able to feel it and recognize it… be it a child, a businessman, an actor, a man of any faith, race or social status… there are and always were everywhere people who live and teach others, through their living example, God’s love. But still, there is more in the New Revelation that all good people inspired by God were ever able to do, say or write... because this is the direct Word of God for the humanity, in which is gathered all the knowledge man needs to achieve the dignity for which he was created and the supremo of all, His own earthly life example. In this most generous gift of divine wisdom, any human being will find the fundamental spiritual truths that can indeed nourish and develop the true love for God and neighbor, and through this, the spiritual rebirth and the eternal perfect life as real children of our Creator.

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